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Velpatasvir 100mg (brand name Epclusa)

Medicine summary

Velpatasvir 100mg is the most widely prescribed medications for treating acute Hepatitis C in adults.  In fact, it’s the only medicine for chronic Hep C infection as of now. The medicine has shown tremendous results with Hepatitis C genotype 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 infection. The drug works for patients without and with cirrhosis. For those in advanced stage, the medicine is often prescribed with another medicine. It’s available in the brand name Epclusa. The drug works by reducing the protein activity required by Hep C virus. Velpatasvir is a strong NS5A inhibitor and hence is effective to weaken the unwanted protein activity.

In simple words, Velpatasvir 100mg prevents HCV (Hep C virus) from proliferating in the patient’s body. As mentioned earlier, the drug has proven to be highly successful in treating Hep C conditions and the researchers have reported 99% success rate with GT2 patients. In case of GT3 patients, the medicine has shown a remarkable 95 percent success rate. It’s overall cure percentage is an amazing 97 to 100 percent. The term “cure” here means that the virus was not found in patient’s blood after 3 months of continued consumption of the medicine. It is an oral drug.

Usage instructions

Velpatasvir 100mg or Epclusa would be prescribed for oral consumption once in a day. The medicine comes in a tablet form that the user has to consume as a whole with water. You can take it in empty stomach or with food. Doctors would prescribe the medicine for 12 weeks for patients with Child-Pugh A and for those without Cirrhosis. But the medicine would be advised with Ribavirin for the same duration for patients suffering from de-compensated cirrhosis. However, you must remember certain points while taking to Velpatasvir 100mg. These are:

·         Always inform your doctor about the current medications you are taking. The medicine interacts with certain medications like anticonvulsants, H2-receptor antagonists, antacids, proton-pump inhibitors, HIV antiretrovirals etc. and produce risky side effects.

·         Inform your doctor if you had liver issues, Hepatitis B & C infections

·         Your doctor should know about your medical history and present medical  condition

·         Pregnant women must not take this medicine

·         If your wife is pregnant, it’s better not to take Epclusa

·         Doctors also suggest against consuming the medicine if the patient is breastfeeding

·         Do not crush or chew the tablet while consuming

·         Do not take an overdose if you have forgotten your daily dose the previous day


Side effects

Though Velpatasvir 100mg is an extremely potent drug for treating acute hepatitis C, it is not devoid of side effects. The negative consequences were observed during clinical trials and some of the patients too have reported to experience side effects. However, the risks of side effects are more if the patient is already suffering from kidney issues or carries history of other liver diseases. The side effects usually observed with the medicine are:

·         Fatigue