An Overview of different brands Modafinil Products
Modafinil is a drug used fortreating excessive sleepiness on people with sleep disorders. There aredifferent brands of modafinil currently available on the market. Here is asimple overview on some of them.

1. Modalert- Modalert is one of themore popular brands of modafinil available on the market. It is one of the morepotent brands of its kind, with effects at the strong side of the spectrum.Developed by Sun Pharma Laboratories Inc., it acts within an hour and stays inyour system for up to 10 hours.

2. Modvigil- Modvigil is a genericform of modafinil developed by Hab Pharma. Marketed as a more affordable optionto established brands such as Provigil, it is available in both 100mg and 200mgvariants.

3. Vilafinil- Vilafinil is developedby Centurion Laboratories. Just like with most drugs of its kind, it isavailable in 100mg and 200mg dosages. It is reputed to be just as potent (ifnot more potent) and much cheaper than Provigil, the brand considered as thegold standard of modafinil.

4. Modafresh- Modafresh, one of thenewer brands of modafinil available on the market, is developed by SunrisePharmaceuticals. Packaged as a generic medicine, it is available in 100mg and200mg dosages. Its potency is considered to be on the lower scale, so thoselooking for a low-intensity product may like it more.

Prices of modafinil products dependon multiple factors, such as where it is produced and where it is being sold.All these drugs have the same expected benefits and side effects, so take noteof them before purchasing any of these brands.

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