• Veenat 400 N30

Veenat 400 N30

Product Code:LEBEN09
Brand nameVEENAT 100mg/VEENAT 400mg
Active ingridientImatinib 100mg/Imatinib 400mg
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VEENAT 100mg /VEENAT 400mg


Imatinib 100mg/ Imatinib 400mg

Anti-Cancer Medication Imatinib

Imatinib is an inhibitor drug classified as protein-tyrosine kinase. It is commonly used treating a number of diseases including the following:

·         Rare leukemia

·         Epithelial cancer

·         Bone marrow treatment

·         Gastro-intestinal stomach tumors

·         Mastocytosis

·         Hypereosynophyllic syndrome

·         Cancer

Imatinib works by destroying the link signals that cancer cells produce in order to progress. Without these communicators, it will be easier for medication to battle the diseases. Although the effects of the drug have been questioned due to several unwanted results, like liver failure, heart malfunction, pregnancy risks, embryo poisoning, fluid retention and stunt growth for adults and children, the medicine is still widely used.

Side effects of the drug may include the following:

·         Weakness

·         Constipation

·         Dry skin

·         Hair loss

·         Tearing up

·         Vomiting

·         Loss of appetite

·         Mucus build-up

·         Restlessness

·         Sweating

·         Irritable bowel

·         Gassiness

·         Body pains

·         Muscle cramps

·         Ear, nose and throat irritation

·         Gastric malfunction

·         Dizziness

·         Agitation

·         Obesity

·         Hallucinations

·         Edema

·         Allergy

·         Migraine

·         Heart Congestion

You can buy Imatinib online without prescription through legitimate pharmacies, but under the presumption of the patient assuming the risks. The drug is not advisable for self-medication as proper dosage is necessary based on the disease Small doses are allowed as maintenance only with the strict monitoring of a doctor.

Imatinib is a promising cancer drug and further studies are being conducted to determine its other uses. At present, the drug remains under limited use, but undergoes continues clinical trials to expand its usage.





Generic Imatinib
Brand name VEENAT 100mg/VEENAT 400mg
Active ingridient Imatinib 100mg/Imatinib 400mg